From local player to international success

Think local, act global. Successful formulas often travel well to other markets…

Is our strategy still relevant for today?

The world never stops. Society is changing at a fast and frenetic pace…

Acquisition or startup?

Many roads lead to success. Which roadmap best fits your business?...

Concrete recommendations – meaningful solutions

My mission as an advisor is to help CEOs of family-owned companies and SMEs take their business to the next level. Not by offering fat and impenetrable reports. But by making concrete recommendations and holding efficient face-to-face sparring sessions with owners and directors. I put forward meaningful and inspiring solutions. And connect you with the right experts. Ensuring you are always one step ahead.


Targeted expertise at board level

Voorsprong advises CEOs and boards of SMEs and larger family-owned companies about the key business success factors. I listen and analyse. Participate and contribute. To help map out your road to success. With concrete and realistic solutions.

Contact Voorsprong for:

Shaping, recalibrating and focusing your strategy.
Initiating, expanding and consolidating new business activities.
Support and advice on acquisitions & mergers.
Defining a long-term roadmap towards a sharper commercial edge.
Developing a vision for the future: what are the consequences in terms of operational conditions, organisation and governance?
Sparring on strategic decision-making processes.
Confidential advice on generation transition within the company.
Crossing borders: exports, foreign locations, internationalisation.

Building solutions together

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for resolving business challenges. That is why I always look at your specific needs – and work with you to develop the best solutions in a step-by-step process.

Solutions can only succeed if they have sufficient support, particularly when emotional processes are involved (as is often the case in family-owned companies). That is why I also work hard to get everyone on board and pulling in the same direction. 

Voorsprong is your reliable partner, with proven experience in the above areas of expertise. A trusted advisor who aims to achieve enduring results based on an effective business policy. At short notice if necessary – but always with your long-term business continuity in mind.

The correct specialists

Where other disciplines are relevant for your situation, I can put you in touch with external experts in a wide range of fields (e.g. legal, tax, organisational, and governance). 

Approachable, 1-on-1 advice. Practical and without fuss

Voorsprong believes that family-owned companies are best served with clear and to-the-point advice. Don’t expect complicated advisory processes and fat reports. First I assess the situation in hand.  By making an incisive and pragmatic analysis of the company, market position and other key factors.


Promising strategy for the future

Next, I work closely with you to build concrete solutions . 1-on-1 or in a broader team if appropriate. Answers are often already latently present within the organisation. The trick is to bring them to the surface. And translate these inherent solutions into viable strategies full of promise for the future.

No fuss – efficiency benefits everyone

Sometimes, immediate steps forward can be made to remedy or prevent problems. In situations involving more radical action – such as a change of direction, strategy update or new business implementation – a longer-term commitment is required. In all cases, Voorsprong adheres to a practical ‘lean-and-mean’ approach. Without fuss. Because efficiency benefits everyone.

Wide-ranging network of experts

Clearly, Voorsprong only advises, assists and coaches in its own areas of specialisation. Any other issues are referred to specific experts. My wide-ranging network comprises specialised service providers, supervisory board members and investors. Ensuring that you can always count on the best support.


Elegant exit for founder?

Sooner or later, every founder of a business must take a step back and make way for the next generation. But it can be wise to keep the original founder on board in a background role. To benefit from his insights and expertise, without obstructing new initiatives. An elegant exit – that allows both the family and the business to progress to the next phase – is the best solution. But how do you achieve that?

From local player to international success

Think local, act global. Successful formulas often travel well to other markets. Family-owned companies can grow into global players. Seemingly inaccessible markets can be opened up. Such cross-border ventures must obviously be executed with great care, knowledge and sensitivity. Both at a business and personal level. Discovering new worlds may sound daunting. But it can be done! Without unnecessary risks. Provided you have a well-crafted international roadmap.

Is our strategy still relevant for today?

The world never stops. Society is changing at a fast and frenetic pace. Radical shifts in consumer behaviour and customer expectations are the order of the day. As a family-owned company or SME you need to respond to this constantly evolving landscape. But how? Targeted sparring sessions can help to identify opportunities and threats and see what is achievable and what is not. The result is a promising jumping-off point for new avenues of success. A brand-new perspective that moves to the rhythm of today.

Acquisition or startup?

Many roads lead to success. Which roadmap best fits your business? As the trusted advisor for the owner/CEO, I act as a proactive sounding board to assist the development and implementation of growth strategies. Exploring innovative directions and unlocking new opportunities often goes hand in hand with a desire for fresh approaches to executive structure, management style and market strategy. In all cases you can count on my commitment – and a fruitful dialogue.

Robert Voors

Business consultant with a broad background and expertise. MBA at Henley Business School, worked for Coopers & Lybrand, SNS Bank, ING Bank and the Faber Halbertsma Group. Completed the PMD programme at Harvard Business School and the PGO Management Consultant programme at VU University Amsterdam before becoming an independent business consultant, working for CEOs/executive boards/owners of SMEs and larger family-owned companies. Robert is a hands-on sparring partner and trusted advisor, valued sounding board, critical consultant and mediator between generations.

“Solutions for family-owned companies are often already within reach. The trick is to bring them to the surface. And use them smartly. That’s easier with a trusted external advisor by your side – an advisor who is discreet, results-driven and dedicated. I will be delighted to help.”

Let’s meet!

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